Friday, July 16, 2010

Kerrville Texas Children's Photographer: Sweet Pea turns 3

I shot these photos for my little girl, who turned 3 years old yesterday, about a month ago! 

JUST now posting them. 

When I bought this Tiffany's Sassy Set from Design Revolution in January at Imaging USA in Nashville, TN I had her in mind! I think I would also like to use this Sassy Tutu for a Tea Party Set at some point! 

Not sure when that will be. 

She's not really into taking pictures for me anymore, but I usually come out with something to choose from.  These were taken out behind Portraits by Jenn's studio in Kerrville, Texas. I like to photograph outside and on location mostly! So much more to choose from.

Hopefully I will get around to taking some 3 year old photos for my son who turned 3 on June 15th. It's just so hard to find the right outfit for him! 

HOWEVER, check these linen pants out from Beulah's in Fredericksburg, Texas.  I have already photographed 2 little boys in them and they are just DARLING! She was out of them, but I just heard she got in a new shipment!


  1. OMG She is so beautiful... her skin is perfect! :)

  2. SHE is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! BROOKLYN LOVES HER!!!!!


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