Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Santa Claus is coming to Fredericksburg Texas with Portraits by Jenn

Here are some images from last year! 
Cannot tell you what the set will look like this year but I am sure it will be super cute at 

Please share this with your friends. I have had the same Santa for the last 5 years, maybe it's been six, but since my oldest kids were 4 and 5 months old. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fredericksburg Texas Familly Photography: Rebekah: Owner of Beulah- the best Children's Boutique around

 This is Rebekah. 
Owner of the best Children's Boutique I have ever been in to: 
Beulah's in Fredericksburg Texas.
If you are a mom of boys you know how hard it is to find ADORABLE clothing for them. 
Well thankfully she has 2 boys and understands, so she always has great stuff for them. 
AND....of course for the girls too, but girls are so much easier to find things for than boys. 

Now is when I am starting to feel a little nostalgic, if you will. 
We moved away in February from Kerrville and the Texas Hill Country where we lived for almost 10 years.

Moved away from our home to pursue the life of a Pastor and a "Preacher's Wife".
The "Call" that has been on our lives for a couple years has come to fruition. 
We are happy, don't get me wrong and know that it is exactly where we are supposed to be, but it's not easy at times like these. 
The times when I would be working my BOOT-AY off taking family portraits and editing like crazy and designing Christmas cards. 
And, for the second time in TWO years I would be trying to get this done early because I am expecting a baby 20 days or so before Christmas. 

 I have ALWAYS loved working with Rebekah, because she is so laid back and easy going and when I say " I think we got it", she never questions me. 
She trusts me. 
I am so sad I am going to miss out on taking their pics this year. I think we have worked together for the last 6 years. 

It's so hard to leave a place you loved and a job you loved. 

This was my most stressful time of year, but my most FAVORITE time of year.
I would get to look back on all my families' photos from the previous year and see how much the kids had grown.

What a treat. 

So for now, I am basically a Stay at Home Mom with 2 children in Kindergarten and 2 children at home with me and one baby due in December. 
I am making the most of every moment and shooting when I can. 

to book your family session with the photographer of your choice. 

until October to call and book or you will be out of luck.

I will be at Beulah's in Fredericksburg Texas on November 16, 2012 along with Santa Claus. 

Spots are booking FAST, especially the after school ones so 
me if you would like to be guaranteed and appointment. 

Also if you need a cute outfit for pics go to her store early!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hill Country Family Photographer: Kerrville Texas: The Pena Family

 Here is another one of my Hill Country Families from last Fall. Coming back to visit in a week or so and cannot wait to photograph there again. You can also see at the bottom a sample of what I can do for a Christmas card for you and your family!

Upcoming Events: Fall Portraits and Santa

 I will also be doing a limited # of Family Mini Sessions on Sept 29th.
I have a 3:30 and 4:00 slot open. 30 minutes. $199 paid in advance and is non-refundable. Location to be determined. 8-10 images emailed to you via

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