Sunday, November 28, 2010

Portraits by Jenn: Maternity, Newborn, Children, Family and High School Seniors: SANTA CLAUS 2010

Here is the link to view your SANTA pics. There is no password. Please let me know by Wednesday which image you want for your package or I will choose. Most of you only have one image anyway, but some have multiple. PLEASE email me at the # you would like me to use.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Portraits by Jenn: Maternity, Newborn, Children, Family and High School Seniors: SANTA CLAUS 2010


I am really sorry I missed everyone (almost everyone) this year to photograph your children with Santa.
Unfortunately we had a family emergency which you can read about here if you want. 

If you were at BREAKFAST with SANTA at the YO Resort Hotel
you will be able to pick up your prints next week at ReRuns located at 
515 Hayes Street
Kerrville, Texas 78028.
Thank you for understanding.

If you had your portraits made at Portraits by Jenn located at
615 Earl Garrett
Kerrville, Texas 78028
Your prints will be ready no later than December 10th.
I will be updating you here or on Face Book so check back for details.

I want to say a HUGE
to my friend Tracy Moore for covering for me Friday afternoon at the studio and Saturday for Breakfast with Santa.

I also want to say a HUGE
to my friend Nikki Loehr with Moxie Photography in San Antonio
for covering for me Saturday afternoon at the studio!

Our family is truly blessed by your kindness and willingness to help in this difficult situation.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Libby's Birth

read about it here:

Well October 30th, which was my due date, came and went. 

Halloween came and went and I got to go with my kids to Harvest Fest and they were adorable!

Monday November 1st, we went in for my Dr appointment and Dr. Wampler decided that we should do some sort of induction. I was already dilated to 3 cm, which had been the case for 2 weeks now. 
She said I most likely would not have to use the Pitocin, so I was ok with that. 

Not an easy decision to make since I had hoped to do everything "naturally". So the best thing to do would be to insert Cervidil behind the cervix to help the contractions get started.
You can read about it here:

So we decided to go in Monday night and get it started. 
In the mean time we went home to get things ready and I went in for a massage in hopes that would trigger something before we went to the hospital that night! :)

My friend Becky was already headed in to town so when my massage was over she was at the house. Andrea made us the yummiest dinner and we sent the kids to spend the night with Travis and Erin (our babysitter: whom they ADORE)! 

Around 10 pm we headed to the hospital. 
Checked in.
Filled out more paperwork.
Around 1 am the nurse inserted the Cervidil and by that time Leighanne had arrived at the hospital. 
She and Erik both spent the night and we all tried to get some sleep. 

The cervidil was NOT pleasant.
I hated it. 
It made me cramp and contract and I DID NOT sleep at all that night. 

Morning came and the contractions were starting to get stronger and closer together.
So close that I swear they were lasting at least 10 minutes and not giving me a break. 
I honestly don't know how long this went on, but it felt like one VERY VERY VERY long cramp!

Right before Dr. W came in to check on me the first time, my nurse Stacie 
(WHO btw WAS THE BESTEST nurse ever)
pulled the cervidil out because we didn't want to distress the baby. 
I would say this was maybe around 9 or so. 

Libby was a trooper. Her heartbeat always stayed within the normal range. 

By this time I had not been able to eat or drink anything and of course I was thirsty and hungry. 
They were worried that once they took the cervidil out the contractions might stop. 
they did not. 

They kept right on going, even still very long ones. 
We walked. 
I took a shower.
I think we walked some more. 

I had a room full of my supporters and they were awesome. 
Thank you Mom, Leighanne, Becky, Pat, Kerri, Tawny and most of all 

Everyone was so great and encouraging to me. 
I love you all very much.

I wish I could remember the time line a little more, but I think around 1 or 2 maybe, Dr. Wampler came in and broke my water b/c I still had not dilated past 3 cm. 

That was nice. 
Then the contractions REALLY started getting stronger and more painful. 
Kerri really coached me through all of this by keeping me calm and relaxed. 
Erik was a great support too.

I had to stand up almost all day because that is what felt the best to help me through the contractions. 
Libby's head was so low already that it made it worse to sit, even on the birthing ball. 

We are all exhausted by this point. 
I think she came in to check me a few times and I went from a 3 to a 9 1/2 VERY SLOWLY!!
I don't think I ever even made to a 10. 
When I reached 9 1/2 I think it was maybe around 4:30 or 5.

She let me start pushing at this point, but there was still a tiny piece of cervix that was getting in the way. 
Dr. W. was trying to hold it back so the head could start coming through. We did this for an hour and half maybe, and then realized that she was face up coming through the cervix. She had me rotate positions to push and try to get her to roll over. 

She  never did. 
This went on for another hour.
I pushed and pushed and pushed and it was HARD!!

By this time I was almost completely exhausted. 
Wasn't sure I could go any longer. 

Dr. Wampler suggested using the vacuum to help get her head out.
So we did. 
And I tried to push with the vacuum for may 30 minutes. Not real sure and then the 
vacuum broke! 

I could not go on any longer. 
She was not coming out. 
She was not turning around.
Next on the agenda:

Honestly I did not care at this point. I was so tired and exhausted. 
I just wanted her out safe and sound.
They said we need to prep you. 

I hadn't had and IV yet so they had to put that in,
draw blood and I think I got 2-3 bags of fluid before heading in to the OR.

They gave Erik his scrubs and took me (in my bed) to the Operating Room. 
I swear I had 2 contractions on my way to the OR and 2 in the OR. I just wanted them over. 
NO TIME to "WORK" through them. 
I should have!

They gave me the epidural.
I don't know how.
I was shaking uncontrollably. 

It worked instantly and I couldn't feel my legs or my feet or my belly or my contractions. 
I think I almost went to sleep right then and there I was so relaxed. 
They brought Erik and it seemed like a long time was going by so I looked up at him and asked what was going on, is everything ok?
Dr. W assured me that all was perfect and she was just fine. 

I think within a matter of 10 minutes they had cut me open and removed Libby.
Who apparently was crying before Dr. W even took her out of my belly! :)
Erik said he couldn't believe how BIG she was. She just kept coming and coming!

They let me take a quick peak at her and then took our picture and headed out so they could
sew me up. 
It didn't take long and they had me in the recovery room. 
I think maybe 30 minutes had passed when they finally brought her to me to hold. 
She was perfect and swollen and crying and so sweet!

So after almost 24 hours of labor she arrived and we are absolutely in love with her!

Libby Louise Lankford
8 pounds 7 ounces
20 1/2 inches long
10:32 pm
November 2, 2010
I am sure there is more to tell, but this is the beginning!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kerrville Texas Children's Photographer: Lyla turns ONE year old!!

Does anyone remember this sweet sweet baby from a year ago?

Well I cannot believe it has already been a year since she was born! 
Time sure does fly when you are having fun!

So her mom brought her in and we did a One Year Birthday Photo Shoot!!

She is such a happy little girl! Don't you just just love those curls! 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Doppy Day": September 12, 2010

This was the day we celebrated the adoption of our two children, Isaac and Hadleigh. For those of you who don't know our story, we fostered-to-adopt, TWO wonderfully beautiful children. Two years ago on September 12 the adoption was finalized & they will 
"BEE" ours forever!!

We have had them in our home since they were about 15 and 10 days old. 
They are not blood related. 
 They are EXACTLY one month apart to the day and they turned 3 years old this summer!

We had just a small lunch with a few of our friends and family and then we had this FABULOUS cake made by

Check her out!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

read about it here:

I really should try to keep up with this better, because honestly I don't remember much about last week and what was going on with the baby!

She is still moving a lot and growing.

Sometimes she is so far to the right side, I SWEAR I feel her in my back!!
It's quite a site to see if you look at my's pretty lopsided. 

We went to to the Dr. on Wednesday and she did another sonogram. Saw Libby again which is so fun. 
She is measuring right on time. I think you can see on the pics it says 31 weeks and 4 days or maybe 5 days which is exactly what I was on that Wednesday September 1st. 

This is a photo of her nose and lips!!

Then she went on to do the 3-D Sonogram, only Libby was still burying her face in my Uterus.
But she got one side of her face where you can see her eyes, lips and mouth again.
Dr. Wampler said she is definitely sucking on something, she couldn't tell if it was her thumb, her arm or her toes! :)

She is weighing in at about 4 lbs 2 oz and she says that is good!

My shower is coming up this Saturday and I am super excited. 
I scanned it in...isn't it so CUTE??
(designed by Merydwen Peschel at )

I am also registered at Beulah's in Fredericksburg, so if you are over there you can stop in and see all the cute things she has!!
I will try to post pics so you can see them. 

This past weekend I started getting ready for Libby by putting her "room" (aka: mine and erik's bedroom) together. I ordered this tree decal from Janey Mac Press on Etsy

I chose a few different colors, but it looks super cute on our wall. I will try to take a pic sometime! :)

I hung up all the clothes she's gotten so far and we've got the port-a-crib set up and ready. 

I have been seeing my chiropractor regularly, doing my exercise video and sometimes going to the gym to walk. 

I met a lady Saturday morning who said I definitely need to continue doing what I'm doing and that baby will come easy as pie!! She was really nice. She also told me I should start getting in the pool! 

She asked me if I was going to wait until she was ripe to let her come? 
She said "When the apple is will fall from the tree!" 
 I told her we were definitely going to let nature take it's course.

I finished my reading on the "Bradley Method" and Erik and I starting to practice tonight! Only 8 weeks left....and I have a feeling these weeks are going to FLY by!! 
I am really getting anxious and I am ready to meet this little girl. Praying for a safe, natural delivery and most of all a HEALTHY baby.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Portraits by Jenn: Maternity, Newborn, Children, Family and High School Seniors

1. **Children's Day Out @ Trinity Baptist Church FALL PHOTOS**

September 21st and 23rd
 It will be a FALL session so go get your outfits!!
Sample Images to come soon!

FRIDAY September 24th and Saturday September 25th

Sample Images to come soon!

Jenn Lankford and Portraits by Jenn will be going on Maternity Leave until January 1, 2011. This is not definite, but most likely. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get your session in now, so I can Photograph, Process Images and place orders before I go!!

**4. Santa Clause will be at Portraits by Jenn**
FRIDAY NOVEMBER 19th: 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.
SATURDAY NOVEMBER 20th: 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Portraits by Jenn: Maternity, Newborn, Children, Family and High School Seniors: Villarreal Family 2010

Introducing one of my Family Portrait Sessions that took advantage of my Christmas Card special!!
They endured the heat and it actually ended up being a pretty nice day for the session. We had a little bit of cloud coverage and a breeze!! 

I was SUPER excited to photograph this Family Portrait session with Rose and her family. 
I photographed the girls for their 1st birthday session a while back and they have grown so much!!

These girls are close to my kids age and it's so fun to see their personalities grow!! 

We did their photography session at River Hill Country Club here in Kerrville. It's so beautiful over there and PLENTY of shade!!

I will be working on their Christmas Card over the next couple of weeks!! 
If you are thinking of doing Christmas Cards this year with Portraits by Jenn, you will need to call NOW!!

I have a very limited # of sessions left before I go on Maternity leave in October!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Portraits by Jenn: Engagement Session: Kerrville Texas

A few weeks ago I did a mini Engagement session with this cute couple from Austin Texas. They were in Kerrville for their nephew's FIRST birthday party and called me for a Save the Date session!!

I definitely would have loved to spend more time with them, but they were on a pretty tight schedule!!

Here are some of my favorite shots from their Engagement Session. 

Congratulations Ryan and Tracey

Friday, August 13, 2010

Portraits by Jenn: Wedding 2010

I actually do not photograph many weddings, maybe 2-3 a year (if that). 

However, I was referred by Viridian Design Studio to take pictures of this lovely couple who was having a VERY small intimate wedding at Riven Rock Ranch in Comfort, Texas. It was a warm July evening and the weather was beautiful. They had the ceremony inside at the La Cocina room which is typically held for Rehearsal Dinners. 

It was PERFECT for this wedding. The view there is AMAZING.

I was there a short 2 hours and they had a ceremony, cocktail hour and a BEAUTIFUL dinner at the La Cocina room. 

Here are a few images of the design work that Viridian Design Studio did for this couple!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Portraits by Jenn: Maternity, Newborn, Children, Family and High School Seniors

Includes Christmas Card designs, Birthday Party Invitations, Birth Announcements

All of these designs are created by Delightful Designs

I have many many many more to choose from but this should give you an idea of what I can do. 

You have several options as far as getting your own unique design:

1. Choose a design I already have (NO EXTRA CHARGE: included in price of card)
2. Change colors out in a design that I already have (NO EXTRA CHARGE: included in price of card)
3. You want your VERY own design that no one else can choose from:
$15 design fee
4. Contact Delightful Designs to create your card, invitation or announcement and purchase your images from me to go inside your card

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