Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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I really should try to keep up with this better, because honestly I don't remember much about last week and what was going on with the baby!

She is still moving a lot and growing.

Sometimes she is so far to the right side, I SWEAR I feel her in my back!!
It's quite a site to see if you look at my belly....it's pretty lopsided. 

We went to to the Dr. on Wednesday and she did another sonogram. Saw Libby again which is so fun. 
She is measuring right on time. I think you can see on the pics it says 31 weeks and 4 days or maybe 5 days which is exactly what I was on that Wednesday September 1st. 

This is a photo of her nose and lips!!

Then she went on to do the 3-D Sonogram, only Libby was still burying her face in my Uterus.
But she got one side of her face where you can see her eyes, lips and mouth again.
Dr. Wampler said she is definitely sucking on something, she couldn't tell if it was her thumb, her arm or her toes! :)

She is weighing in at about 4 lbs 2 oz and she says that is good!

My shower is coming up this Saturday and I am super excited. 
I scanned it in...isn't it so CUTE??
(designed by Merydwen Peschel at http://mydelightfuldesigns.com/ )

I am also registered at Beulah's in Fredericksburg, so if you are over there you can stop in and see all the cute things she has!!
I will try to post pics so you can see them. 

This past weekend I started getting ready for Libby by putting her "room" (aka: mine and erik's bedroom) together. I ordered this tree decal from Janey Mac Press on Etsy

I chose a few different colors, but it looks super cute on our wall. I will try to take a pic sometime! :)

I hung up all the clothes she's gotten so far and we've got the port-a-crib set up and ready. 

I have been seeing my chiropractor regularly, doing my exercise video and sometimes going to the gym to walk. 

I met a lady Saturday morning who said I definitely need to continue doing what I'm doing and that baby will come easy as pie!! She was really nice. She also told me I should start getting in the pool! 

She asked me if I was going to wait until she was ripe to let her come? 
She said "When the apple is ripe....it will fall from the tree!" 
 I told her we were definitely going to let nature take it's course.

I finished my reading on the "Bradley Method" and Erik and I starting to practice tonight! Only 8 weeks left....and I have a feeling these weeks are going to FLY by!! 
I am really getting anxious and I am ready to meet this little girl. Praying for a safe, natural delivery and most of all a HEALTHY baby.

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