Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Portraits by Jenn: Maternity, Newborn, Children, Family and High School Seniors

Includes Christmas Card designs, Birthday Party Invitations, Birth Announcements

All of these designs are created by Delightful Designs

I have many many many more to choose from but this should give you an idea of what I can do. 

You have several options as far as getting your own unique design:

1. Choose a design I already have (NO EXTRA CHARGE: included in price of card)
2. Change colors out in a design that I already have (NO EXTRA CHARGE: included in price of card)
3. You want your VERY own design that no one else can choose from:
$15 design fee
4. Contact Delightful Designs to create your card, invitation or announcement and purchase your images from me to go inside your card

Portraits by Jenn: Maternity, Newborn, Children, Family and High School Seniors


Many of you have asked me about the mini accordion book that is listed on my price list so I thought I would share a photo of what it looks like! This book can hold UP to 11 images, but it doesn't have to have that many. I will design your book to fit the color scheme of what you are wearing or something that you ask me to do. 

This is one I did for Valentines Day this year and gave to the Grandparents! 

Accordion Mini Books are the perfect gift item for you or your family to use as mini folios and brag books. They are small enough to fit in your purse or pocket and are magnetized so they stay shut. 

This is an incredible deal. You can get 2 identical accordion books for $45 (you must order in sets of 2 and they have to be identical)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Boerne Texas Family and Children's Photographer: The Kennell's 2010

I am sure you remember this FABULOUS and BEAUTIFUL family from the past 3-4 years at least. I have been photographing both of these children practically since they were born! 
I think Raimey was my very first Maternity Session ever with 'C', so I guess I photographed him BEFORE he was born! :) 

I look forward to photographing their Family Portrait Session every year!

James is a Chiropractor in Boerne, Texas. Check out their clinic if you live there!
and Raimey works for a dentist in San Antonio. 

Our session started off a great until we asked 'B' to smile!
 Little Girl, however, did not want to cooperate at first this year! 

Well.....I am pretty sure that is any THREE YEAR OLD GIRL

Boy do they have their own opinions and if they don't want to do it, they are
NOT going too!

( I can say that b/c I have one...heeheeheee)

Big brother was a TROOPER though! He just smiled and smiled and smiled for me. 

This collage proves my point...she was just testing the waters and trying as hard as she could not to smile! But by the end, I think I "GOT" her. 

OF COURSE I didn't bribe her with cupcakes....NO WAY! I would NEVER do that!
(Does this remind anyone of my "sweet pea"?)

 Well by the end of our session she was a HAPPY camper and I think we got some really cute shots of everyone! 

Hope you enjoy this Family Portrait Session taken at their home in Boerne, Tx. 

I couldn't choose my favorites!

Love this Collage of 'C' playing golf! He was LOVING it!!
One of our main goals was to get a new Family Portrait for the clinic and this is my favorite for that!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fredericksburg Texas Family and Children Photographer: Mode Family 2010

I love photographing this Family! This is my first time to photograph Annabelle's extended family including her Grandma, Mom and Dad, two Sisters, husband and now 2 children!! 

 I met Annabelle because Rebekah at Beulah's in Fredericksburg referred her to me! I think this is my third or fourth session to shoot for her and she and her hubby don't even live in Fredericksburg anymore!!
THANKS SO MUCH Annabelle for always calling me when you are in town. 

We chose to shoot their Family Portrait Session at the Hoffman Haus in Fredericksburg.
It is so pretty there. It was my 3rd time to shoot there, but my 1st time to shoot outdoors. The last two times I photographed there was for two ONE YEAR OLD birthday parties!! One was Annabelle's oldest and the other was Rebekah's daughter. 

Anyway.......on with the photos!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ingram Texas Engagement Couple Photographer: Erika and Justin

This couple will be married the end of October!

OBVIOUSLY I am not shooting the wedding but I was honored to shoot their Engagement Session in Ingram a few weeks ago. It was a week when it was OF COURSE pouring down rain.
Their Engagement Session was scheduled for 7:00 am b/c we thought it would be cooler and the sun wouldn't be so bright!

Well, we didn't have any sun at all, but the rain held off until we were ALMOST finished. 

We started and ended at CAMP RIO VISTA in Ingram. Did a few on the track at Ingram Tom Moore High School (the two of them met on the Track team at Texas A&M), and headed to Old Ingram Loop too!

They were such troopers and didn't complain once about the mud, rain, humidity etc. 

Love this image...Erika said it took Justin SIX years to propose! 

We just happened to be at the 6th hole on the Golf Course...

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