Friday, July 23, 2010

Boerne Texas Family and Children's Photographer: The Kennell's 2010

I am sure you remember this FABULOUS and BEAUTIFUL family from the past 3-4 years at least. I have been photographing both of these children practically since they were born! 
I think Raimey was my very first Maternity Session ever with 'C', so I guess I photographed him BEFORE he was born! :) 

I look forward to photographing their Family Portrait Session every year!

James is a Chiropractor in Boerne, Texas. Check out their clinic if you live there!
and Raimey works for a dentist in San Antonio. 

Our session started off a great until we asked 'B' to smile!
 Little Girl, however, did not want to cooperate at first this year! 

Well.....I am pretty sure that is any THREE YEAR OLD GIRL

Boy do they have their own opinions and if they don't want to do it, they are
NOT going too!

( I can say that b/c I have one...heeheeheee)

Big brother was a TROOPER though! He just smiled and smiled and smiled for me. 

This collage proves my point...she was just testing the waters and trying as hard as she could not to smile! But by the end, I think I "GOT" her. 

OF COURSE I didn't bribe her with cupcakes....NO WAY! I would NEVER do that!
(Does this remind anyone of my "sweet pea"?)

 Well by the end of our session she was a HAPPY camper and I think we got some really cute shots of everyone! 

Hope you enjoy this Family Portrait Session taken at their home in Boerne, Tx. 

I couldn't choose my favorites!

Love this Collage of 'C' playing golf! He was LOVING it!!
One of our main goals was to get a new Family Portrait for the clinic and this is my favorite for that!!

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