Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Just ONE YEAR ago this is what my baby girl looked like! Look at those sweet little lips and the light in her eyes. She still gives me that little smirk sometimes!
Look how much she has grown. She is just a little person now. The girl with a million faces as some of you have seen a LOT of those expressions. Hadleigh is such a happy little girl. She loves to tease you and hug you and cuddle with you.
These are my babies together! They are HILARIOUS! As I said before she loves to tease Isaac and just the same for him! It is so funny how they learn what it is to "tease" one another. He likes to steal her pacifier {aka: mimi} and run and she like to steal his cars and run. They will chase each other around the room forever!
And here is my precious little boy Isaac. I just love how sweet his little face is. He is so sensitive, yet somewhat a bully. Can that be so? He knows EXACTLY what he is doing when he is doing something he knows he isn't supposed to. WOW, that little brain just goes a mile a minute!
And NOW look at my big boy!! He is such a little person too! He spoke his first FULL sentence just a couple days ago..."My Daddy is home." He talks all the time and repeats anything you say. He takes it ALL in and NEVER forgets!
My kids are so fortunate that their Mema lives so close. {Wish Grandma was here too} Mema keeps us out of binds all the time by watching our kids and ALWAYS offers us a date night at least once or twice a month. Can you believe how different they look in this pic...
compared to this one?

So he doesn't really like to take his picture, but he does LOVE his Mema.

Girl LOVES LOVES LOVES her Mema! I just love those dimples in her little cheeks.


  1. Very cute! They do grow up way too fast especially the first year. I love the picture with her shoving the flower in his face.

  2. OMG - these pics are SO cute. I love the flower picture where Hadleigh is shoving it in Isaacs face. A-DORABLE!! They do grow up so stinkin fast. I can't believe it. We'll be planning 2nd birthday parties in NO time.

  3. Me too, I love that pic too. I want one!
    I was looking at your zoo pics, like who is that little boy facing was Isaac. When did he stop being a baby and become a kid? That's impossible!!! Those are great pics of your mom too!
    p.s. I love those cheek dimples too.


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