Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Here are her settings:

ISO 200, f 1.8, 1/1600, 50mm

GREAT job to EVERYONE that entered! I was so EXCITED to have THREE brand new contestants and they ALL did such a wonderful job! I love teaching new things and everyone got the concept! YAY!

Okay, so what's the CONTEST?
If you have a 50mm lens use it, or any other lens where your aperture goes down to 1.8 or 2.8.

This homework is going to be a little tough for anyone using just a "kit" lens (meaning the lens that came with your camera when you bought it.) The reason it'll be tough is because "kit" lenses generally have aperture numbers that go down to 4 or 5.6 at the lowest. It's hard to get background blur at anything above 3.5 unless you have a really long telephoto lens.

If you only have your kit lens and want to participate, head over to B&H and buy a 50mm - it's only around $90 and it ROCKS! You'll LOVE LOVE LOVE it and you'll get some AMAZING photos (that are worth way more than $90!) Here's a direct link (to my favorite store!) : 50mm at B&H

Okay, Contest details ...

CONTEST #2 (for anyone and everyone, professional or non-professional)

Set your aperture to the lowest number you can (depends on your lens!) Anywhere between 1.8 and 2.8 is best. Bribe one of your kiddos (or someone else's....niece or nephew or your best friend's kid) with candy to get them to model for you and start up close. Shoot some close ups of their faces, hands, feet, whatever you think is cutest! Then move back a step. Don't change your aperture - just your feet! After you've taken a few there, take some more steps back and keep on shooting. Finish up by taking some full-length shots (at the same aperture!)

After you've taken a ton of photos, go through them and pick out your 3 favorites. One should be a close up. One should be a mid-range. And one should be a full-length. Size them to 5" wide at 72dpi and send them over! We'll pick our faves and post them up here and on the blog. FUN!!

Email address to send your photos : jennlankford@portraitsbyjenn.com

CONTEST Deadline : March 31, 2009 (that gives you time to order the 50mm if you don't have it already, or borrow from a friend)

Now go start shooting!!!

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