Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Inspired by Kelly Moore

So I am a blog stalker! I have been reading Kelly Moore's blog..A LOT.. lately! I just love her! She has challenged everyone to set goals for this summer, so here goes...

1. Read my Bible more
2. Take my kids to Sea World with our season passes
3. Lose about 10-15 lbs
4. Cook dinner most nights and eat as a family
5. Read some more books by Francine Rivers ( I LOVE her)
6. Drink less DR. PEPPER
7. Potty Train Hadleigh and Isaac
8. Eat healthier..more fruits and veggies
9. Take my kids outside EVERY day
10. Go to Colorado to visit Lauren
11. Drink more water
12. Pilates...at least 2 times a week
13. Keep my flowers alive
14. Go dancing at least once a month with my hubby and friends
(we are re-taking our dance class)
15. Keep my house clean so maybe we can sell it
16. Go to bed early
17. Take Isaac and Hadleigh to the park
18. Go swimming
19. Save my pennies so SOMEDAY I can go to a Give Me Moore session :)

1 comment:

  1. Love Francine Rivers, Wish I could keep my house half way clean, and I keep sneaking Dr. Peppers even though I am pregnant. I like your goals!


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