Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Portraits by Jenn: The Joy of Love: Day 06

 day 06: who THEY love

So I'm cheating a little for the next two posts. 
I'm trying to CATCH up!

Here is the assignment for day 06:
Besides you, who is the apple of his eye?  Is it your dog, the kids, his parents, his sibling?  Document them with their loved one! If the loved one is not close by, then have them hold a photo of their “beloved”…this can also work for loved ones who have passed away.

My kids LOVE their Mema. 
She is the first person Hadleigh will ask for....after ME of course. :)
She takes them fishing and to the park and shopping and to McDonalds and she had to take them to see Santa this year b/c we were in the hospital. 

 When they are in trouble or hurt themselves (especially Hadleigh)
they will ask for Mema. 

She is ONE special lady. 
We are blessed to have her so close by.

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