Thursday, February 3, 2011

Portraits by Jenn: The Joy of Love: Day 03

 03: then and now

Isaac's first Valentine's Day photo. He was 8 months old. Cannot believe how much my baby has changed. 

 Hadleigh was 7 months old on her first Valentine's Day. She has stolen our hearts in more ways than one.  What a beautiful girl. 

Today's camera tip was to crop in really tight. 
Try cropping in really tight for today’s assignment.  Fill the frame with your subject’s face or just a portion of his or her face.  By cropping in tight with your camera you can eliminate distracting backgrounds.  You can either crop “in-camera” which means to get in really close while photographing, or you can crop using photoshop, picasa, elements or whatever photo editing program!

I didn't take these images today, but thought it was good for today's "then and now"
Here is a pic I took of Hadleigh yesterday that goes with today's camera tip.
This is my sweet little girl. So many expressions she has!
I cannot express how much these kiddos mean to me and have showed us what it means to

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