Monday, February 7, 2011

Portraits by Jenn: The Joy of Love: Day 04

04: what they wear

We were so EXCITED to get to adopt a BOY and a GIRL at the same time. 
It has definitely been more fun shopping for the girl though. It seems as if there just isn't as much cute stuff for boys out there! 

Naturally when we found out that we were expecting a girl I was pretty excited! Not because I didn't want another boy, but because I would get to use all the CUTE, ADORABLE, FRILLY and EXPENSIVE clothes I splurged on for Hadleigh! 

Yesterday I put Hadleigh's FIRST Christmas dress on Libby to wear to church! Libby is in a different Season of clothes than Hadleigh was, but I am trying to at least let her wear most things, even if it's just once! 

This photo was scanned in so it isn't GREAT. I could not find the digital images from their first Christmas. 

So my "What they Wear" is 
clothes and shoes and panty hose and even her hair bows!! 

I bought this dress and these sparkly shoes at Baby Gap! I was IN LOVE with them. They looked so pretty against Hadleigh's skin!

Image shot with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Lens: EF85mm f/1.8

ISO 800
Shutter Speed 1/125
F-Stop 2.8
Focal length 85 mm

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The Joy of Love

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