Sunday, March 20, 2011

Portraits by Jenn: The Joy of Love: Day 15

15: kiss

ok so I know February is over.
and I know I should just probably move on.
but....I did try to finish out my joy of love series.
i think i took most of the pics, just couldn't find the time to finish posting them.

i am totally in LOVE with this picture that my MIL took of me and my oldest daughter at Christmas while we were at her house in Sacramento, CA.

I rarely get to be in pics...
as most of you photographer types know. 
i am always the one taking the pics.
i just keep hearing my friend Lauren in the back of my head saying i better ask someone to take my pic every once in a while. 
i have to ask. 
no one ever volunteers.

as i was leaving the house yesterday to shoot a wedding i kissed Hadleigh and walked out the door.
she came running outside.
" need to kiss ME and ISAAC and DADDY and LIBBY before you go!"
she was right. 
we should always kiss our loved ones every time we walk out the door.
you never know what's going to happen next.
you never know if you going to get that moment back.


  1. i offer to take your pic ANYTIME!!!!!!! HAH- if you want me too:0 Great photo!! And i totally agree with the kisses part too!!!! SO true!!!

  2. Your "oldest"


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