Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Portraits by Jenn: Wedding Photos

I photographed a wedding about a month ago (the only BIG wedding I've done in over a year)
It was fun and I enjoy doing them every once in a while!
Of course it helps when the couple is as cute as these two were~
Easy going bride, Easy going groom and Easy Going FAMILIES!!!
Loved every minute of it. 
Now I might post pics soon, but my purpose for this post is THIS:
I have never looked into MPIX PRO before. 
I have used MPIX before...MANY years ago...and I ALWAYS recommend them to my clients who purchase the digital images on CD. 

I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE CD covers...WITH the option to print a CD/DVD for you as well. 
Excuse the poor photography as I took these with my iphone. 

 They even provided this AWESOME insert for my clients. Isn't that FABULOUS??? 
Gives me the opportunity to go above and beyond and already have their images uploaded!! 
I just create an account for them and they can change their password later!!

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  1. wonderful maternity photography I like all images and that is beautiful images and I love baby. you can use these all images for the wallpaper.


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