Monday, March 23, 2009


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get me your images by the 31st!
I am so excited to see everyone's images! Hopefully you have been practicing and I REALLY hope to have more entries this time! It was so much fun.

The winner will get to choose their prize this time between a
1. a $50 gift card to Portraits by Jenn
2. a necklace from Chocolate Silver
3. an hour long teaching session from Portraits by Jenn

Here are my samples of what I have been practicing on with my kids:
I am using my 85 mm lens.
My ISO (film speed) is set at 100.
My shutter speed (TV) is set at 1/250.
My F-stop (AV) is set at 1.8.

When you are shooting your images, REMEMBER move your body!! If you are using a zoom lens, shoot at your lowest settings.

EX: if your lens is a 24mm - 70mm shoot at 24 mm or 50 mm. But DO NOT zoom in or out. Take your first shot FULL LENGTH, then move YOUR BODY closer to do 3/4 length, then move YOUR BODY closer to do the head shot!!

Your ISO needs to stay the same, your F-stop needs to stay the same and your Shutter speed needs to stay the same for all THREE images. (You do not need to shoot all of your children, please just choose ONE to enter in the contest)

Email your images to


  1. Both Shane & I have been trying this out and I'm just not getting it. I think maybe my problem is I'm trying to do everything on AV... but after reading this maybe I need to be doing it on full manual. I can't get my f-stop lower than 4. I'm using the 55mm lens... shouldn't it get lower? HELP!! :)

  2. how did i miss this. guess i'll have 2 catch it next time. it would have taken me awhile 2 process what all you said anyways! i'm new 2 all this camera lingo.


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