Monday, March 9, 2009

and...the WINNER is......

Congratulations!! You can view all of Leighanne's entries on her blog, just click on her name up above.
One of Payten's favorite things are her freckles

Jayden LOVES to ride his bike
Madison likes being a twin

Here are some shots from my other entries:

Ace likes to stand up
Breleigh likes to model: She wants be Hannah Montana


Owen like being a BIG BROTHER to Levi



EVERYONE did a SUPER job!! I sent all the pictures off to a photographer friend of mine to judge!! It was too hard for me to pick!! THANKS so much for participating! It means a lot to me. Hopefully next time there will be lots more entries!


  1. shoot - instead of paying you off, I should have paid your friend! I'll know for next time! HAHA!! These are all really great pics. What a fun contest!!

  2. Aw, man. Was I even close????? :)

    Great contest Jenn. How did you like my "catch light?"


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