Sunday, September 4, 2011

Portraits by Jenn: McKinney TX Newborn Photographer: Liam Cullen: 5 days old

 I photographed Liam on his 5th day of life. 
My good friend and one of my college roommates had her 2nd child on August 25th. 
Big sister Jorja just turned 4 in July and is not quite sure what to think of her baby brother.
Although by the time I left she was warming up I think.
Holding him and kissing him and giving lots of love. 
She was doing a GREAT job holding Liam.
Reminded me of my daughter Hadleigh when she used to hold Libby EVERY morning in the rocking chair. (now Libby does NOT want to be held...hahaha)

Anyway, kind started getting a little bit of "baby" fever. 

So the room is made to look like a LOG CABIN!
Liam's grandma came over and painted the inside of the room to look like a log cabin. 
She did a SUPER job! 
Liam's other grandma made the bedding and the covers for the pillows. 
She even made a couple of small blankets. 
It's adorable, really.

 Liam's mommy REALLY wanted to get the pose where you see them holding themselves up with their hands. 
We got it....I think... (not shown here), but I LOVE this one. 
He looks like he's frowning at know kind of like men do when they don't want to have their picture made! does start this early. 
Trust me, I know from experience.

 I really like this one...he's throwing me the PEACE sign.

 Liam's mommy also provided all but one of the hats he's photographed in. 
(you can see more on Face Book)

This was the END of the day and TAKE TWO of our session. 
We had to give little man a break for a while, he smiled for me!
Guess he didn't think this picture thing was so bad after all.

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  1. Love, Love, Love all these pictures, Jenn. You are awesome! Thank you so much for capturing my little cutie so perfectly! Love you friend!!!


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