Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kerrville TX Childrens Photographer: SHESHE MADE

I am sure you have heard me talk about SheShe Made and all the wonderful clothes she designs and embroiders and what not. Well I thought I would share with you some more photos of some the things she has sent me (some that I have purchased as well). You will be seeing a lot more I'm sure, b/c I am addicted to SheShe Made
Check out her website here:

This is the SEASON for Halloween/Fall. 
She is no longer selling for Halloween, but you can catch her for Thanksgiving....which is COMING UP SO QUICK!!

I am so in love with this Ghost Romper.
AAAHHHHH! And my "Baby Blue" is so ADORABLE in it!
The baby legs are to die for....PLEASE don't pay attention, but I did put them on UPSIDE DOWN!!

She didn't care for them at first, but now that it's been so cool in the mornings I have been putting some others that I have on her and she's getting used to the idea.
She has JUST enough hair for me to stick the bow in without the headband. 
It's an act of congress to keep her from touching it though.

 I bought pumpkin shirts for all 3 kids! 
I have only taken Isaac's picture in his so far, but the girls looks the same only it's orange and pink instead of orange and brown!

Go check out her FACEBOOK today and she is having a special on a Turkey onesie for boys with some baby legs to go with it. It's on FB only so you better act now!

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