Thursday, May 28, 2009

Name these two photos

Well I didn't have any takers on my last contest, so here is a new one!

I am entering a Print Competition and NEED your help!

Please comment on each photo and help me pick out a name! I am not sure which one I am entering yet, but I need a name for both! If I choose to use your entry you will win a $25 gift card to Target!



PLEASE submit your entries by June 6th

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Rose Family

My FIRST Senior Rep

Meet Paige

Here is her entry:
Dear Jenn,

My name is Paige. I will be a senior 2010 and would like to have the opportunity to be your senior 2010 rep for Portraits by Jenn. I attend Tivy High School, where I am a varsity cheerleader, I sing in the choir and I love to smile. I am attaching my prom picture that my mom took this past weekend. She is the reason I love to smile.

I am 16 years old and I have my mom's blessing on sending you this email.

Thank you for this awesome opportunity to shine for you.



Friday, May 15, 2009

Portrait Party: Hamilton, TX

My friend Jenny does 2 Portrait Parties a year for me! She is the BEST!! She ALWAYS has at least 6 - 8 sessions for me to do! A lot of repeats, which I LOVE!! It's amazing how fast they change in 6 months!! And this time I had quite a few newbies! That is so GREAT too! I feel like I know HAMILTON!! Thanks Jen! You're the best!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Love Affair 2009

Okay, so I am entering a drawing to try and win a scholarship to the Love Affair 2009 in Atlanta, GA! My friend Rachel went a couple of years ago and I have been wanting to go EVER since. All of these ladies are AMAZING photographers. They all have such a FRESH perspective on photography. I just know it would be such a great thing to do and I would hope my photography we would be better for it! I know I still have SO much to learn and these ladies are each so unique in their own way!

Here is a list of what I have to do:
(for each task completed below, your name will be entered 1 time)

* Leave a well thought out comment on each of our blogs - at the end of the comment write the words - Love Affair Workshop
* Comment on the Love Affair blog saying your #1 reason for wanting to join us (
* Post your status on Facebook with a link to Love Affair Blog
* Twitter with a link to our blog
* Twitter telling people to follow @loveaffairphoto (
* Follow us on twitter @loveaffairphoto (
* Join our facebook group ( /group.php?gid=12697981340&ref=ts)
* Add each of us as a friend on Facebook (must be friends with all 4) (Millie Holloman, Lauren Clark, Davina Fear, Kelly Moore Clark)
* Send a random gift to someone who is not expecting it
* Go get a pedicure, take a photo of it and blog it I totally got a fresh pedicure yesterday and FORGOT to take my camera! Aaaaggghhh!
* Email 5 of your photography friends and tell them to come to Love Affair with you

(Be a customer of any of our sponsors or sign up to use them and your name will be entered 2 times)

Pounds Photographic Labs (
Bludomain (
Jamie Schultz Designs (
Brent Holloman Design (
Forbeyon (
Modern Photographers (
Flosties ( following them on twitter
Joanne Miranda Designs ( following her blog
Shoot Q (
Lens Pro To Go (


(for each task completed below, your name will be entered 3 times)

*Blog about Love Affair and why you want to come (link to the Love Affair Blog)
*Video yourself doing something crazy for a chance to win Love Affair. You must find a creative way to mention the workshop in your video and then post it on your blog or on Facebook.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The Winner of my Give Away Today is:
Sue McKnight

Congratulations...look forward to working with you!

Thanks to EVERYONE who entered! Check out Give Away Today EVERY day to enter and win!

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