Friday, May 8, 2009

Love Affair 2009

Okay, so I am entering a drawing to try and win a scholarship to the Love Affair 2009 in Atlanta, GA! My friend Rachel went a couple of years ago and I have been wanting to go EVER since. All of these ladies are AMAZING photographers. They all have such a FRESH perspective on photography. I just know it would be such a great thing to do and I would hope my photography we would be better for it! I know I still have SO much to learn and these ladies are each so unique in their own way!

Here is a list of what I have to do:
(for each task completed below, your name will be entered 1 time)

* Leave a well thought out comment on each of our blogs - at the end of the comment write the words - Love Affair Workshop
* Comment on the Love Affair blog saying your #1 reason for wanting to join us (
* Post your status on Facebook with a link to Love Affair Blog
* Twitter with a link to our blog
* Twitter telling people to follow @loveaffairphoto (
* Follow us on twitter @loveaffairphoto (
* Join our facebook group ( /group.php?gid=12697981340&ref=ts)
* Add each of us as a friend on Facebook (must be friends with all 4) (Millie Holloman, Lauren Clark, Davina Fear, Kelly Moore Clark)
* Send a random gift to someone who is not expecting it
* Go get a pedicure, take a photo of it and blog it I totally got a fresh pedicure yesterday and FORGOT to take my camera! Aaaaggghhh!
* Email 5 of your photography friends and tell them to come to Love Affair with you

(Be a customer of any of our sponsors or sign up to use them and your name will be entered 2 times)

Pounds Photographic Labs (
Bludomain (
Jamie Schultz Designs (
Brent Holloman Design (
Forbeyon (
Modern Photographers (
Flosties ( following them on twitter
Joanne Miranda Designs ( following her blog
Shoot Q (
Lens Pro To Go (


(for each task completed below, your name will be entered 3 times)

*Blog about Love Affair and why you want to come (link to the Love Affair Blog)
*Video yourself doing something crazy for a chance to win Love Affair. You must find a creative way to mention the workshop in your video and then post it on your blog or on Facebook.


  1. You have got one of the coolest blogs ever! I love all of the photos in your header!

  2. fine, Jenn - if you HAVE to send me a gift out of the blue, I don't mind. Anything to help you win! :) And I'll be thinking of random videos you can make of yourself. We've got to get your name in that drawing! I hope you win!


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