Thursday, May 28, 2009

Name these two photos

Well I didn't have any takers on my last contest, so here is a new one!

I am entering a Print Competition and NEED your help!

Please comment on each photo and help me pick out a name! I am not sure which one I am entering yet, but I need a name for both! If I choose to use your entry you will win a $25 gift card to Target!



PLEASE submit your entries by June 6th


  1. I like #1 best. Here are some ideas:

    "Moving On"
    "Pursue Your Dreams"

    I don't know why but when I first saw the pic I thought of Sugarland (the band). I looked up their song names and here are some that would fit:

    Something More
    Fly Away
    These Are The Days
    Already Gone

  2. I really like entry #1, if I had to choose a favorite :) ... it's very basic but what came to mind was "Gone Away" -- you did a great job on both!!!!

  3. I really like entry #1, if I had to choose a favorite :) ... it's very basic but what came to mind was "Gone Away" -- you did a great job on both!!!!

  4. #1 - "On the Road Again..."
    #1 - "Lookin' Back"

    #2 - "These are a few of my favorite things"

  5. I like #1 the most... I thought of "over the hills and through the woods" or "To grandmother's house we go" .. not sure why, but I did! :)

  6. Mary Beth McCullouchMay 29, 2009 at 11:19 AM

    #1 The Road Less Traveled
    I'm still thinking for one on #2.

  7. #1: the Threshold
    #2: Perfect Harmony


  8. Hi Jenn,

    I loved the pictures of the girls- especially because they are twins! The boys and I have been on a music kick today.. so

    Pic #1: Wide Open Spaces..... (room to make her big mistakes!)
    Dixie Chick Song- they look at that age where they need to spead their wings and take a chance on themselves.

    Pic #2: From the Anne Murray Song: Hi-lili Hi-lo
    On every tree there sits a bird...
    Lyrics go: On every tree there sits a bird... singing a song of love
    On every tree there sits a bird...and everyone I ever heard- could break my heart without a word, singing a song of love.

    Jenn H

  9. #1 Austin or bust! Or Nashville or Bust!
    Almost Famous
    I-10 West
    Sorry Mom & Dad
    Thelma & Louise
    Worth the grounding

    #2 Home School
    Hill Country High


  10. my votes 4 #1 as well. have 2 get back 2 you on the names...

  11. traveling twins.
    shall we run?
    bags are packed and here we come.
    Dreams Awaiting.
    just me and you.

  12. since these beautiful girls are mine....

    I like #1
    red suitcase and a song
    red suitcase and a dream
    living a country song

  13. scott says...
    ready, set,... don't go

  14. on photo #2
    escape from chigger island

  15. Kayla and I think "Run Away Dreams" or "Dreams in Motion" for the 1st pic. and "Harmony Tree" for the 2nd pic.


  16. Photo1:
    A walk down memory lane
    Oh, the places you'll go!
    Follow your dreams
    Dream Girls!
    Looking forward
    The Journey
    Sugar and Spice
    Days gone by

    Guardian Angels
    A penny for your thoughts
    Seems like yesterday ...
    Sitting Pretty
    Two minds-One heart

  17. #1 The Nature of Music
    #2 Red-headed Psalms

    Those pictures are amazing!

  18. OK- All of these names are great! I like Wide Open Spaces, adn since I have no creative bones in this body today, I am just gonna comment on the photos! LOVE them - what a great job! Seriously I can see me out in the grass, with my face mask ,gloves, instruments, in high heels over a dental chair! How cool would that be? Okay, maybe not!
    These twins are GORGEOUS, and I just look at them and think- so young, endless possibilities- what an exciting time!!! Kudos to your models and the fantastic photographer! Now if I win for my "Comment" than I would like to book you for Photoshop CS3 personal tutorials- I got it:)


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