Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kerrville Texas Childrens photographer: Uvalde TX family

 I don't remember how Hollie found me, I think just online, but I am so happy she did!!
She brought her kiddos all the way from UVALDE, TX. 
I photographed Mr. J several months before and he is ALL BOY. 
I say that only b/c I have one too. 
And he is every bit a ONE YEAR OLD. 
I also have one of these. 
NON-STOP all the time.
Once they start walking it is all over from there. 
They don't want to sit where you tell them. 
So you just chase them all over and hope to get a good shot. 
I know Hollie was surprised when she saw what we actually got, and neither of us could believe they turned out just as cute as they would have been if he wasn't quite so mobile.

 I met big sister for the first time on this shoot. She was A TROOPER.
She did everything I asked her to, even though it felt like summer outside and we were shooting for Christmas pictures.
So pretty. 
Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day....a little warm but great light. 
She ordered these cute monogrammed outfits from ....(oh shoot, the name just left me)
ANY-HOO, they are adorable. 
You can check out www.sheshemade.com
She does similar things!!

 This is one of my most favorite locations and I sure am going to miss it when I'm gone. 
However, I am extremely anxious to find new places to take pictures. 
So all you people out there who are wondering where this lovely location is.....it is out behind LaFours.
I usually park behind the Lakehouse Restaurant b/c it is MUCH easier to get there.

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