Sunday, June 5, 2011

Portraits by Jenn: Colorado Springs, CO children's lifestyle photographer

Libby and I visited my Best Friend Lauren last week in Colorado. It was so fun! FINALLY got to meet Jax for the first time. He's so precious. What a little miracle. Thanks again for all of you who prayed for him when he was born NINE months ago! WOW....time flies. He's on his way to walking already. I give him a couple more weeks maybe and he will be CRUISING!

I shot a few pics in her living room while the kids were playing. These are my favorite kind of pics. 
I wish I had this much light coming in to my living room. 
I sent her a few images last night and she said (and I quote)

"My camera does not take these kinds of pictures.


She has the Canon Rebel (i'm not sure which one, I will ask and the 50 mm lens)

Here is my shot SOOC (straight out of the camera)
I shoot with the Canon 5d Mark II
This was my Canon Zoom Lens EF  24-70  (2.8)
F-STOP: 2.8
ISO 1600

Obviously this is after PS.
I used my curves layers to brighten it a bit and then added the 
PUNCH OUT action from Totally Rad Actions. 
This is pretty much what I do to all of my images. 
If it is not a baby I will soften the skin a bit and sometimes lighten the eyes, but I did not do this with Jax. 
I am terrible about checking the white balance and skin tones (please don't judge!) :) 
I would love to figure this out more, maybe someday when I'm all alone with nothing else to do!

Here is my Libby with Jax!

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