Friday, September 11, 2009

Covington Family: Kerrville Texas Photographer On-location

Isn't this family so cute!! Daughter was in my mom's 7th grade class last year...CANNOT wait until I can photograph her as a HS Senior!! She is so beautiful. She told her parents about me and they came in to book a session.

One of her brothers is heading to the military on Sunday, he just got married in August and his wife also joined the military and she has already left! WOW...I can't even imagine! We will be praying for this family!

I just loved working with this whole family...the boys were so cooperative and Dad is so HANDSOME!! He came to the sales presentation and said his favorites were "the ones without him in it...(LOL)". Mrs. Covington is the sweetest thing and I just LOVE the images of the two of them together.

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  1. they really are a very good looking family!! and no way that girl is only in the 7th grade. WOW! She is TALL and very beautiful!! And man, I can't imagine about the couple in the military - I am SO not cut out for that kind of life and totally admire anyone who is.


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