Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tragic Story: Kerrville, TX Photographer

I know as a photographer I should probably not share this story, but I feel like the Lord has totally blessed me over the past few months and ESPECIALLY in this situation.

Friday August 7th I photographed a wedding at the Courthouse for a very special client. It was really beautiful and sweet. We got to use the gazebo out front and she had about 5 or 6 of her friends there. This couple has known each other for a very long time, and just got re-connected over the past year. This is her 2nd marriage I believe and they looked so GREAT and so in LOVE!! He said he let her go once and he IS NOT going to let that happen again!

I called them last week to schedule a viewing session and as I went to edit their images I could not find them ANYWHERE!! They were not on my computer, they were not on ANY of the four memory cards I have. PANIC PANIC PANIC

Erik (who is my husband and my technology guy) was out of town! PANIC PANIC PANIC. So I purchased 2 recovery programs. Both of them DID recover about 40 images or so....NONE of which were the actual ceremony. So Erik called around San Antonio and I took my card to a place that would try to recover the images as well. All three recovered the same images...NONE of the ceremony.

So today I called my bride (of course I have been in TEARS for the last 5 days about this). She was so SWEET to me. She said there is no need to cry. Her friends had taken some snap shots and she is going to get those together for me to edit and make them worthy of printing. She said if we have to she was certain that the judge would come back out and re-enact the ceremony, she would have her dress cleaned and her hair re-done and she still has the flowers b/c they are silk!

THANK YOU LORD!!! She also said that she still wants me to come to the actual wedding in December and she was sure we would have some WONDERFUL images from that. Here are some of the images that I did recover!

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  1. Those pictures are wonderful! I'm glad it's all working out! -m


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