Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hadleigh's Favorite Things

I decided to start with Hadleigh b/c she is MUCH more cooperative when it comes to picture taking! Ha!! I have all but one of the things on her list! Hope this helps you get some ideas of different things you can do!! Keep checking back and I will add more as I get them!

I am so EXCITED to see everyone's pictures of their children!!

Hadleigh LOVES to sleep! She will tell you when it's time for her nap!

Girl LOVES to eat! First thing in the morning when she comes in to our room....(used to be "Eat") now it's "NACK" (aka: snack)

Hadleigh LOVES her Mimi (aka: pacifier) and her blanket!

Hadleigh LOVES to take a bath!

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  1. okay - SO not fair... these pics are SO great and I LOVE how you displayed them... I want to be like you Jenn! :) But I'm SO far from EVER being a professional... sigh. I will TRY to come up with some great pics of Jorja because I've already told Shane (even before this contest) that I LOVE those camera straps. I am in it to win it!!!


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