Thursday, January 8, 2009

Meet the Danks Family

I had the opportunity to take family portraits for our music minister and his family after Christmas. I think this was the first time they had all been together in Kerrville since Larry and Mary Pat moved here a few years ago from Missouri! I was so thankful that they asked me to do this! As I have said before, I would much prefer to come to you and take your portraits! Lucky for me Larry and Mary Pat live just down the street from us! They have the perfect spot in their backyard and the lighting was great!

I used the 85 mm lens for most of these portraits. When I am outdoors I almost ALWAYS set my ISO to 200 or less. When I am shooting 4 or more people I will set my F-stop (see vocabulary lessons) to at least 4.0 and usually higher with more than 4 people so I can make sure and get EVERYONE in focus!
When I shoot 3 people or less I tend to put my F-stop at 4.0 or less! The less people in the portrait the lower my F-stop. I LOVE when I can blur out most of the background and REALLY focus on my subject!


  1. i love watching your blog...i am becky's neighbor and friend, tracy. to take pictures. thanks for all of the ideas!!


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